Terms of Service
20 Nov 2018


  • “Lessee” means each client who sins for the contract agreement and is authorized ti drive the vehicle specified in the rental agreement.
  • “Lessor” means Auto Rental Albania written in the preprinted rental agreement (RA).
  • “Vehicle” means a motor vehicle with lessor gives, to the lessee for periods of time for which previously have agreed on (RA).
  • “Damage” is any damage that happens to the vehicle, including the windows, lights and mirrors.
  • “Stealing” also means vandalism acts, theft and attempted theft accessories.


  • Lessee in order to obtain a rental vehicle will need to provide the following information with supporting documents: identity, address, numbers of passport, numbers of driving license and a contact number. (tel/cell/ and e-mail)
  • If payment is made in cash a passport is need to be held (or identity cards on special accessions) until the return the vehicle.
  • If payment is made by credit card, it is need to be written down clients credit card numbers, type and expiration date.
  • If customer has a voucher, in every case without exception need to be written down the card numbers, type and expiration date.
  • In order to obtain a rental vehicle the lessee must be at least 21 years old. (for some type of vehicles a older age limit may be required).
  • Lessee must possess a valid driver’s license issued by the corresponding authorities for at least 24 months before the date of the beginning of the lease.


  • On the arrival the agent will show the vehicle data and vehicle scratches.
  • Every damage in the car will be showed and written in a data vehicle and sigh by Auto Rental Albania agent and client.
  • We cannot retain any liability for any claim you may have that is not listed or marked down in the contract before you leave the Auto Rental Albania station.
  • Any damage caused to the vehicle by the lessee will be additional costs for the lessee.
  • The vehicle is not allowed for any reason at all times to be transported on any island.
  • Lessee should return the vehicle in the same condition in which you received, including all accessories, car wash and fuel level at the time of the delivery. ( Non-compliance of these conditions will be subject additional costs for damage or services that Auto Rental Albania will need to do in the absence of the lessee. INCURANCE
  • Lessee is responsible for the vehicle which was entrusted to him from moment of delivery from ARA agent until the returning it at ARA station.
  • All vehicles are equipped with an insurance covering all body damages of vehicle (driver excluded) and /or property damage (TPL), which the lessee can ask from a third party as a result of an accident involving the vehicle.
  • Vehicles are also covered in the entire territory of Albania from damage and theft to the extent 90% of the damage caused. Consequently, in the case of theft or damage caused to the vehicles to which client is responsible, the client will be required to compensate the lessor 10% of the value of the damage that has been caused to the vehicle.
    To travel outside the territory of Albania, the lessee is obliged to buy insurance with their respective costs.
  • When the lessee is traveling outside the territory of Albania he is totally responsible for full funding of all costs that he will need to perform until the delivery of the vehicle in ARA station, and up to full value of the vehicle in case of theft.
  • Lessee is notified that any kind of insurance that is holding, there will be no value if it dose not take appropriate measures for the safety of the vehicle, the car parts or accessories or does not take into account the limitations in the use of the vehicle, abusing or mismanaged it.
  • Not included in the insurance Damage on the undercarriage of the vehicle, roof top or as a result of colliding with bridges, tunnels, etc. Except in the case that the force majeure event can be proven.
  • Damage of the tires and not in any case except in the case of their normal consumption.(In case of damage, the client is obligated to repair or replace the tire with its own costs while maintaining the same features as the original tires).


  • If the car along the trip brakes down for any reason, the client must immediately contact Auto Rental Albania employees to make possible the necessary assistance.
  • In case of an accident the client must simultaneously notify the Traffic Police on numbers 129 or 126 and ARA in number given at the same time of singing the contract.
  • In case of an accident the client must stay the scene until police arrive and fill out the relevant accident police report.

Lessor has the right to use the bank information including credit card to pay full value in case of imposition of fines by police for traffic violations or damage that the lessee has not previously declared to the lessor. The above conditions are in full compliance with the laws in fore in Albania. Lessor and Lessee agree that for disputes arising, for their resolution be Tirana District Court.